Updates Equatoria Day 5 October 2019

A quick update about the Equatoria Day on 5 October 2019.


The planning committee has been working tirelessly with the sub-community leaders to ensure the event for the Equatoria Day 2019 will be fun and memorable. We are expecting 600 people attending the event.


SSECASA is providing venues for cultural dance practices for sub-communities. Several sub-communities will be doing cultural dance practices. We encourage communities who did not use the available opportunities to contact the planning committee if they still want to participate.


Nomination for the Equatoria of the Year 2019 will be announced soon. Lastly, if you haven't purchased your tickets, it is important that you buy your tickets. There will be no ticket sales at the door this year.

A nomination is open for EQUATORIA OF THE YEAR 2019. Equatorian members in South Australia are encouraged to nominate a person of their choice that they think deserves this award. Nomination closes on 30 September 2019 at 11:59 pm.



  1. An Equatorian aged 18 years and older

  2. Has significantly contributed to the well-being of the Equatorian Community in South Australia through personal service

  3. Has an inspirational role model for the Equatorian Community in South Australia

  4. Has selflessly sacrificed their time and energy to promote the Equatorian Community and its values

  5. Possess positive and inspiring personal attributes, showing qualities such as versatility, flexibility and perseverance as an Equatorian in their daily life

  6. Has made personal effort lasting and significant difference to the quality of life of the Community



Please write at least one sentence for each of the selection criteria stating how your nominee has met the criteria. Please send your nomination to ssecasa@gmail.com

SSECASA Management

SSECASA Membership Registration in South Australia

Membership registration for SSECASA in South Australia is open for any interested community member. The Executive Committee is helping with these exercises. You will be asked to complete a registration form to  become an official member for the association. 


I ask you for your cooperation and understanding. Look out for volunteers within the community as they may give their time for this important community assignments. You can contact SSECASA for more information.


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