• Members of SSECASA Inc. shall comprise of any member of the Equatorian Communities provided that he/she is age 18 or over.

  • Equatorians aged 17 or under are automatically members of SSECASA Inc.

  • A female married to an Equatorian is deemed to be a member of SSECASA Inc.


  • A male married to an Equatorian is deemed to be an Associate member of SSECASA Inc. However, they will have no voting rights, cannot hold any executive position or be a member of any SSECASA Inc. sub-committee.


  • Non-Equatorian who subscribes to and believes in the principles and objectives of the association and have demonstrated support for its cause.

  • Honorary members shall be persons nominated by a majority of SSECASA's executive committee and approved by two-thirds of the general assembly at a meeting in recognition of outstanding service to the association.



* Members shall pay a non-refundable prescribed membership fee; and a non-refunable annual subscription fee of $10.00(AUD). Fees shall vary from time-to-time depending on the prevailing circumstances of the members and the needs of SSECASA Inc.