• Plan and implement cultural activities and mobilise social and financial capital to support a member in needs.

  • Provide women's capacity building by developing people's skills.

  • Promote healthy eating and lifestyles within the community.

  • Conduct resumes writing and mock job interviews.

  • Offer our members strategic and meaningful referrals to other agencies.

  • Provide real assistance with settlement issues such as housing and transportation, communication, and managing intergenerational differences/conflicts



To create a strong and inclusive community where opportunities to learn, belong, and grow are cultivated.



Strengthening individuals, families and communities to reach their full potentials.

SSECASA believes that through the diversity of its members, people can learn from one another and be able to share an important part of human experiences.

SSECASA values diversity, belongingness, integrity and fairness. SSECASA aims for these values to be included in all activities and programs at all levels.